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I. The name of this organization shall be the Oregon Grotto of the National Speleological Society (NSS).

II. The purposes of the Oregon Grotto shall be to organize NSS members in the Oregon area and to further the purposes of the NSS:

A. To promote the conservation of caves and their natural contents.
B. To advance in any and all ways the study and science of speleology.
C. To promote fellowship among those interested in caves.
III. Executive Committee:
A. The Grotto shall be governed by an Executive Committee of not less than four nor more than nine members. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Grotto Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary; and three to five other members, three of whom are to be appointed by the officers at the first Executive Committee meeting following the election. The remaining positions may be filled later by selection, election, or left vacant, at Executive Committee option.
B. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility to manage the Grotto; to conduct General and Executive Committee meetings; to propose to the membership changes in the Constitution and Bylaws; to appoint chairmen of special committees; to raise funds in any manner not inconsistent with the policies of the NSS Board of Governors; and to perform all other necessary functions.
C. An Executive Committee member may appoint a temporary proxy, with voting privileges specified by the appointor in advance and in writing to the Executive Committee.
D. A permanent vacancy among the officers shall be filled by the Executive Committee through selection from members duly qualified to be elected (see Bylaws, Article I, A and B).
E. An officer may be recalled by a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members present at two consecutive General Meetings. A “Voting Member” shall be defined as any Oregon Grotto member who holds a membership category other than Provisional or Subscribing and who is sixteen years of age or over, and is not holding a voting membership in any other grotto in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or California.
F. The Grotto members shall be informed at the General meetings of the decisions of the Executive Committee.
G. Decisions or actions of the Executive Committee may be overruled by a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members present at a General meeting where there is a quorum.
IV. Meetings:
A. Executive Committee meetings and General meetings shall be held at such a time and place as are determined by the Executive Committee.
B. A petition signed by one-half of the Grotto membership shall be mandatory upon the Executive Committee to call a special meeting for the purpose stated in the petition.
C. A quorum for Executive Committee meetings shall be at least two-thirds, and no less than four, of the total Executive Committee members, with proxies to count toward the quorum.
D. A quorum for General meetings shall be a number of Voting Members equal to or greater than one-seventh of the total Grotto membership.
E. Robert's Rules of Order, as revised, shall govern all procedural questions arising at meetings of this Grotto.
V. The Oregon Grotto shall not engage in actions that are detrimental to the purposes of the NSS, as stated in the NSS Constitution.

VI. Amendments to this constitution and bylaws shall:
A. Be read at two General meetings prior to the vote by the general membership.
B. Be mailed to all Voting Members at least two weeks prior to the vote by the general membership.
C. Require a two-thirds affirmative vote of those Voting Members present at a General meeting (votes mailed will be treated as if in attendance).
VII. No part of the net earnings of this organization shall be used for the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, officers, or any other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable debts incurred in the furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda, lobbying, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publication or distribution of political statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these articles, this organization shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the organization.

VIII. Funds for the publication of informational, conservational, and educational materials shall be secured through donations, primarily from members of the organization, and membership dues. The results of scientific research conducted by the organization shall be published and distributed as directed by the Executive Committee. Upon dissolution of the organization, all funds and assets remaining after payment of all liabilities shall be donated to the National Speleological Society, Inc. or other non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of caves and other features of nature.

IX. The publications of this organization, in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article II, shall be distributed without charge to members of the Organization, to the National Speleological Society, to the United States Geological Survey Library, and to any other library, or to any branch of the Oregon State Park Service, the Washington State Park Service, the United States Forest Service, or the United States Bureau of Land Management, as directed by the Executive Committee.


I. Elections:
A. Who may vote: Any voting member of the Oregon Grotto (See Constitution, Article III, E).
B. Who may be elected: Any member of the Oregon Grotto who is eligible to vote in Grotto elections.
C. Election procedure:
1. Nominations for officers may be made by any member eligible to vote in a Grotto election:
A. In person at the November General meeting.
B. In writing if received by an Executive Committee member prior to the November General meeting.
2. The order of nominations and voting shall be: Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
3. The Executive Committee shall mail ballots to the elegible Voting Members in reasonable time for a mailed return to any Executive Committee member prior to the December General meeting.
4. The counting of votes shall take place at the December General meeting, using the ballots received by mail, and those ballots submitted in person at the December meeting.
5. The candidates receiving a plurality of votes are elected. In the event of a tie, it is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to cast the deciding vote.
6. The election results are to be announced at the December General meeting.
D. Term of office: Elected officers will start their term of office on January 1, following the election, and will end their terms on the following December 31.
II. Dues:
A. Dues in the Oregon Grotto are paid in advance and shall apply for a period of one year.
B. Membership dues shall be payable annually.
C. Members in arrears more than ninety days after their anniversary date (due date) will be dropped from the Grotto.
D. Former members in arrears less than one year will be reinstated upon payment of dues, however:
1. Their original due date will apply.
2. Dues will not be pro-rated.
3. Exceptions to these rules must be arranged with the Executive Committee in advance (Armed Forces, etc.).
E. Former members in arrears more than one year may only be reinstated as new members.
F. Dues rates shall be determined by the Executive Committee, with any changes to be announced at a General Meeting.
III. Membership requirements:
A. An applicant must submit to the Executive Committee a completed Oregon Grotto Membership Application Form, endorsed by any Voting Member of the Grotto. The Executive Committee will announce the application at the first subsequent Executive and General meetings.
B. To obtain Regular membership status from Provisional, an applicant must attend at least four functions of the Oregon Grotto, two of which must be General meetings, and one of which must be a cave trip with a minimum of three Oregon Grotto members in any voting membership category.
C. When Bylaw III, B is fulfilled, the Executive Committee shall vote on the application. If it is approved the applicant becomes a Regular Member or Associate Member.
IV. Membership Categories:
A. Provisional Membership may be granted to a new applicant upon payment of dues and receipt of his application. The membership status may be kept indefinitely upon payment of dues annually. Applicant may apply for regular membership status upon fulfillment of the requirements and review and acceptance by the Executive Committee after remaining in the Provisional Status for six months. The Provisional Membership requirements may be waived by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.
B. Regular Membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to members of the NSS who have completed their Provisional Membership and fulfilled Bylaw article III, B.
C. Associate Membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to applicants who are not NSS members and who have completed their Provisional Membership.
D. Family Membership may be granted to applicants when a member of their immediate family is an Associate or Regular Member, and when they have completed their Provisional Membership.
E. Subscribing Membership may be granted to applicants who wish to receive publications, but who are unable to attend meetings. This category carries no voting privileges and may be chosen instead of Provisional Membership.
F. Honorary Membership may be granted to nominees who have been approved by the Executive Committee.
V. Expulsion of a member:
A. Members may be dropped or expelled from the Grotto by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee for the following reasons:
1. Willful misuse of Grotto property.
2. Willful disregard of his own or the safety of others on Grotto sponsored trips.
3. Conduct detrimental to the Grotto and its purposes.
B. Any member subject to expulsion may demand and will be granted a personal hearing before the Executive Committee.
C. Voting membership will automatically be changed to Provisional when the member holds or accepts a voting membership status in any other grotto in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or California.
As of April, 93

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